Who posts this?

I am a very laid back old soul who tries not to get to jammed up about anything.  I have been labelled many things from a fatalist to a fool.  I just try to keep good company and not bother with the nonsense of the world.  I try to enjoys life’s fruits without biting the core or choking on the pit.  I try not to blow out other peoples candles to make mine shine brighter.    Sometimes everything matters and other times nothing matters.  I probably listened to too much music and tend to be existential at times, which at times can be exhausting.  Sometimes I just ramble on here, just thoughts, nothing more, nothing less.  They come and go, like the wind.  What matters one day might not be all that important the next.  I stopped trying to figure it all out awhile ago.


I just try to live a simple life, free of buzz kills and negativity.  I use to spend a lot of time doing nothing and being very cynical but that got me no where. I was a counter-productive curmudgeon.  So now I try to listen to good music, enjoy a good movie, make a good meal, enjoy great friends and love the outdoors. 


I really got into whitewater paddling.  I have been paddling whitewater for over three years now.  My father being a conservationist instilled my appreciation and love for nature by taking me on many outdoor outings.  The outdoors is now a passion of mine.  Starting as a guide at whitewater outfitter is how I really got into the sport of whitewater,  My favorite river run was the Upper Gauley, in West Virginia.  I have been on big water like the Ottawa River to small water like the Tohickon Creek.  The Lehigh River is my favorite river because it is like home; so many friends and so many special moments.  Not just because I guide on it but I have so many “first time” memories on the Lehigh and it is the perfect river to practice my whitewater skills.  I cannot get enough of the outdoors so if I am not playing in the whitewater; I am hiking up the side of a mountain, playing paintball or trying something totally new.   


If you can’t find me on a river, my friends will probably tell you, I am probably at card table playing poker.  I love going to Las Vegas to play cards.  Playing cards is a passion of mine only second to whitewater.  If I am not at a card table, I am playing trivia games or listening to music.  I also enjoy watching sports and cheering for my beloved Tennessee Volunteers, Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies.  I really like great books, albums, movies and recipes, so if you have one let me know!


Right now the postings and the rants are are infrequent.  I currently work full-time, river guide on the weekends and going to graduate school part time. My goal is to one day live a simple life and travel the world.  Because currently, I work full-time, go to graduate school part-time and work as a river guide on the weekends.  I cannot wait to complete my master’s in Organization Management, find a rewarding career and to spend the extra time traveling and enjoying the outdoors.


3 Responses to Who posts this?

  1. Kerouac fan says:

    You sound like my kind of guy. Liked your quotes from Kerouac and posted it on my site. That’s the Thoughts by Jack page. If you want to join a group/thread of Kerouac fans search through ‘Yahoo! Groups’ to Subterraneansgroup or Beat_Happening – be good to have ya!

  2. Hey! This is totally not spam: I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award because I think your blog is super cool. Check it out! CrazyKindaLife.wordpress.com

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