Go on, go on and be brave.

How we handle ourselves in time of crisis, not only matters most, it defines us.  Everyone will have crises.  Their parent and children will die.  People will get dumped by the love of their life.  People will get fired from their dream job.  Someday someone will ruin you; crush your dreams and leave you in a wasteland.  People will be in horrific situations that no one could ever predict.  It is how we handle ourselves in those situations that matters.  Anyone can sail a ship on a calm day.  Anyone can manage things when they are going well.  It is those individuals that can weather the storm that impress me the most. Those individuals, who never give up, make the tough decisions and see the light at the end of the tunnel even when there is none that I have a high regard for in our world.  There are men and women who must command a regimen of soldiers to take a hill.  They know men and women will die, there is be severe causalities but they do it anyway.  They know their job is not to eliminate the loss of life but to minimize it.  I think that is what we all must do with our own lives at times; we must minimize the lost of our own life.  We cannot eliminate the threat of life lost, the discomfort or the sorrow of it, but we can minimize it.  So go take that hill in your life; even though you will lose casualties for if you don’t the enemies you battle will win.


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