No Mouth Is Trustworthy

People love to say that they are brutally honest.  Even society loves to say it is honest. Oh, and the individual she is the honest of them all.  However, what people say isn’t always true.  If you really what to get a good understanding of a society don’t listen to their mouths, watch their eyes.  What people say they are doing and what they are actually doing is two totally different things. Just how the old saying was “follow the money trail,” well now we can also apply “What are they looking at.”   Watch their eyes, don’t listen to their mouths.

I am not just talking about sleazy ex-bofriends, corrupt politicians and unscripted drama television, it is human nature.  We defend ourselves like a pack of barking dogs.  American say they do not watch or like porn but the numbers don’t lie.  It is a 10 billion dollar industry.   Look at society eyes and don’t listen to their mouths.   The liberal state of New York says they want equality and fairness.  However what do they like to look at?  The Yankees a corporate titan, who spend more money on one player than another team will spend on a bull pen.  There is plenty of other personal, professional, and societal examples that I can mention but I am not going  do that.  Me telling you and you not owning your eyes and then seeing it with your own eyes would be totally contrary to this rant.  So go out, look observe and ponder…


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