Morning Cup of Coffee

Her name is Ann.  Every morning she poors me a hot steaming cup of coffee just the way I like it.  She smile, makes small talk about the weather and often ends our morning with a piece of encourament.  She isn’t my wife, she isn’t even my girlfriend.  She is my coffee lady.  Every morning as a ritual I get a large coffee “one and one” and no donut, even though she says they are free.   I scan the crowd of regular characters at the counter.  Wondering about their routines.   Ann has such a care free attitude and positive outlook when she makes my coffee.  To the point where it is inspirational;  part shaman part waitress.  She once told me to enjoy the beautiful weekend, for the next one might be so nice.  I do not know why I remember our little talks and why I have grown so found of her but I have grown to look forward to her and our brief encounter each morning.  Maybe it all just a selfish routine for myself.  I could get better coffee elsewhere, cheaper coffee at a gas station but for some reason I allowed myself to enter into this comforting relationship of routine.  Routine is somthing these days that people either condem or glorify but for me it is just a routine.


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