Matters of the Heart

I recently started watching Grey’s Anatomy.  One of my new guilty pleasure.  I really enjoy how well it is written.  There are huge themes interwoven between patients, events and characters who represent a lot of different thought patterns.  Plus,  I have a crush on Izzy. I like how the writers have the characters inner struggles at the surface of the dialogue.  So often, the characters say “no” when they want to say “yes” and so often “yes” when it ought to be “no.”

Seriously, one thing I think I like about the show is how they tackle matters of the heart.  No pun intended.  They make something that is so difficult, just that difficult.  Just as in real life, when you think you got it all figured out, it isn’t.  The characters seem likable because they are all fallible.  The writing staff does have some generic moments but overall they take on some major issues of personal need and growth and how that growth affects the individual.  They tackle the components of love, question love itself, lust itself and the idea of friendship in it all or the absence of it.   The writters intermingle the relationships between all three.  The talk about how awful it is to be alone but how it can even be worse to be together.  They attempt to tackle a lot of grey area.  They hypothesis and present, and let the viewer ponder and think.  Plus, everyone gets laid, and who in their right mind doesn’t like that.

The shows main characters are the best part of the show.  They all have multiple layers and at times contradict themselves.  Just like most people I know.  Just like me.  Characters grow weak and then grow strong.  They try to maintain the things they want, even as they fall apart.  They are sculpted as brutally honest souls who can articulate their deep contradicting thoughts and yet you understand their plights.  One can easily understand when one character refuses to acknowledge their love deny and their dreams yet still maintain a flame within themselves.  They know what they want but they either cannot attain it or they cannot maintain it.   So often I think so many of us are right there with those characters.


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