Leaving Uncharted Waters

On April 11th, 2005  Australian Liberal MP David Tollner urged people to kill poisonous cane toads with cricket bats and golf clubs. The toads have become a nuisance in the Northern Territory, and I also started my career. I started…I do not even know what to say or what to wright.  Where to begin or where to end. What are my thoughts, what do I want to say.  What not to say, what to keep to myself.

I must say I enjoy uncharted waters, and as I look ahead, it looks like more of what I am leaving behind.  The uncanny future is familiarly uncertain.

Well looking back aver the past 5 years.  I have learned that everything is not as it seems.  The are multiple angles to everything.  There is small pictures in the big picture.  There is good in bad and bad in good.  No matter how and you try to hold on to something sometimes the best grasp is a loose one at best.  I learned definitions are open to interpretation.  Definitions are nothing more than a guide.  A guide at best.  Everything is relative and very little of any of it makes sense. 

I want to say that I learned that people are genuinely good, but I cannot.  I want to say mankind is truly a beast unto himself but, I cannot. I’ve seen unbelievable kindness and corruption massacred in costumes. I want to have a definitive stance on nature versus nurture but I simply don’t. There are some many things, I cannot say, and that is a good thing.  The past five years have not tainted my view of humanity, the workplace and society.  It has erased it.  Any ideas of love, lust, hatred and neglect that I earlier held are now gone.  The left is a lot closer to the right and the right isn’t too different from the left.  Up is different from down but they both are directions.  I have experience so much that nothing can be pigeoned holed, there is nothing that can be put into alignments and its simplest terms.  So I am grateful for my four year of employment where the curmudgeon component of mycharacter was removed from me.  Humbly grateful for my  baptismal adventure where my cynicism has been was away by the waters of experience.


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