We all need a little affirmation sometimes…


There is nothing really new out there lately. People are stuck on a spin cycle. Swings to the left swings to the right. There is so much out there people do have choosen lately not educated themselves but affirm their existing beliefs. This is what is selling. This bless capitalism to make sure everyone gets what they want when it comes to information. Right wingers get affirmed by Fox news, liberals gets their ideas reinforced by CNN. Whatever “your” view, which I will let that idea slide…whatever who think is, will be proven cause their is a show, amagazine, an artist or a friend that will testify that what you speak is the truth.

But what if we look for something other than affirmations. Instead of isulating our views we challanged our views. What if we choose to find information versus self serving affirmations. See our enemy;ys view. Not just see things from another perspective but understand the other perspective. Would would be the harm of that? What will your fellow affirmers think? If one starts choosing information over affirmation, that might make you unbias, unlayal, and obective. No one wants that. Those who stand in the middle chance getting hit by both sides. Just keep reading the magzines that promote your thoughts and music that say what in your head. it is easier that was isn’t it. Maybe we should play it safe, take our regurgitated affirmations in moderation and not ask questions. if your on the left, and your friends are on the left, never try to understand Rush, it will threaten those in the company you keep. You will be deemed a moderate or something wors…an individual.


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