If You Don’t Run…We Don’t Chase


Individuals have been minimizing the corporate media’s reactions for quite some time. The are a moral compass for some. They teach us what is right, what is wrong and what to think. At least some fall for that trap. They teach us to forgive somethings, forget about other things. They teach us to stone and ostracize as well.

For better or worse we have adopted one of the cable news media’s characteristic.  If you run, we will chase you.  If you try to hide we will find you, the farther you go the farther we will go.  We have grown a tenacity to not to give up on those who try to pull one over on us.  We will not let sleeping dogs lie, we will out think, outwit, and last longer then those who run.  We want answers, we feel that we are entitled to them, and we think they our right.  Which is luidacris, but it goes along with everything else these days.  Why stop here, whe would we stop now…

Still at the same time, with this crazy trend of people not letting people slide.  With buzz words like accountability, resposibility and ownership bouncing through the airwaves, it allows people to get off by putting tohers down.  By being relentless in the pursuit of others; we choose our chases selectively. We only select the juiciest cuts.   We only have so much we can focus on. The energy is infinite, but focus is minut.  We love catching liars.  We love watching people fail.  We have become punative, and get off on it.  We love to see the train wreck get worse.  It must be our nature.  It makes for good ratings,  it makes us feel better about ourselves.

There is a silver lining to this vicious mutation of mob mentality.  If you do not run, we have no reason to chase you.  You come clean you leave us with nothing else to do.  Our focus is short.  What is left to do if you tell the truth?  There is no thrill of the hunt.  That is why Bill Clinton got so much press over David Letterman.  That why Hugh Grant’s prostitution exploits are already forgotten.  Case in point when Michael Vick ran and hid and lied, he was on everyone’s mind and everyone TV.  Once he told the truth, people moved on.


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