Ottawa Trip

Took a trip to The Ottawa River, with the outfitter I work for, it was awesome. Much reflection was done. Read some japanese philosophy. Made friends. And was spit back out by the river god. Plenty of posts and thoughts to follow. All I am thinking right now it that, I am not a fan of coming back to this crowded, narcissistic world. I like rivers, and gorges and the subculture of whitewater. You cannot explain it, you either get it or you don’t. Whitewater seems to choose you, you don’t seem to choose it.

Memorable quotes of the moment
“I want experience and strength…and whatever is left over, equally disbursed.” ~ Mark Brown

“Now remember this is not the Lehigh, if you swim, it’s not on your back with your toes up, it’s swim for your fucking life” ~Mark Brown


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