That is a “you problem.”


It is funny, I see a lot of people getting upset at others who have more pull than they have themselves. That is their problem. That is what is known as a “you problem,” and you know what? This world doesn’t care about it. It’s not fair, “they” get second chances and “so and so” only got a slap on the wrist. You think everyone is niave? I am not, you are not, we are not; but that is the way of the “big boy” world. I am not asking you to like it but to try understand things just try to follow the money. Just follow the the money, who is really making it and where it is really going. We are not a greedy culture in general but we the people want things and it is that simple. People want security, capital, nice things, good friends, comfort and everything has a price. We have to teach ethics that are black and white, and create law to moderate the blantant illegally action of few. But too often the world is grey when it gets personal. Favors, ambiguity and overlooking things. Not just with fortune 500 companies and Wall Street but also with non-profit organizations, local goverments and small businesses. I see people get upset that people with talent get reated differently than those who do not have talent. Should they be treated fairly? equally? They are worth more, they make more interesting moves, they do more and produce more revenue. Try to understand the grey world objectively, and see where it takes you. I think we are not shocked at the root of it all just is unsettling.

We live in a world where the business of the world is winning and winning through interesting avenues. Are you following the money yet? Where does it end up? So should or shouldn’t we reward interesting talents. Now I know Voltaire, Longfellow, Whittman and Kerouac get be nautious about these theories. But you know what they did? They follow the money and played the game, even if it was just to get by. Who doesn’t want to get by? A little compromise never hurt did it? Everyone needs to eat right? I see people get so upset on their soap boxes about celeleberties who waste their talent but , but if your on a soap box you don’t have that talent, your not even close and your not that ineresting, your not following the money and that is a “you problem.” Work your talent. Become a player, not a soapbox complainer, see the game, see the trends, see the angles, and you know what you won’t be complaining as much as those who suffer from the “you problem.”

It is nothing personal but the world revolves around winning. Follow the money. Everyone has a morgage, rent, a kid, an investment. Everyone loves the arts, the sports, the schools, the communities and the churches and they got bills too and they are either winning or losing. Boring and losing doesn’t pay the bills, interesting and winning does and that is a certainity.


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