Where was I when…

moonearth_580….when 911 happened?
I tended bar the night before at the Shalimar, we stayed up late after closing. My father told me NYC was getting bombed. I thought he meant like an out of control parade. Drunks or something. I turned on the news and saw the actual second jet and the collapse. I got into my car and drove to Kutztown to be with friends. It was a Tuesday, usually we went to Shorty’s that night for 2 dollar pitchers and kareoke. I was an overwhelmingly sad drive. I will never forget the talk on the radio as I drove on the turn pike and the empty skies with the occasion fighter jet in the distance.

….Moon Landing?
Well if souls are eternal…nevermind…I wasn’t born yet.

….when Kennedy was shot?
That depends if you believein reincarnation

….when Elvis died?
I think I was being concieve let me do the math…

….when Princess Diana died?
I was living in my apartment at Redwood. It was a crazy time, hard to pin point the details. Hey we lived across the street from an all female freshmen dorm for pete’s sake.

….when OJ Simpson verdict came down?
I was in Mr. G’s art room, at the time. Thinking dammit, is this going to be the “where were you moment” of my generation.

….when Michael Jackson died?
Working out at the gym…

….when John Lennon died?
I about two years old, probably being a dreamer with no concept of heaven, or countries or nothing to kill or die for…

….when Waco Branch Davidian cult complex burned down?
I was livin on the edge of my adolecence and probably sayin things like “insane in the brain” and “whoop there it is” and questions”what is love?” Probably thought I had it all figured out while playing Super Mario Brother’s 3 talking bout Jurassic Park

….when Challenger space shuttle blew up(1986)?
I would like to say i was rocking out to the Boss and Genesis and talking about Top Gun, Sand By Me and Ferris Buller’s day off…but I honestly don’t remember. I know the space shuttle launches use to be a big thing, we use to watch them on tv…I don’t remember when that stopped happening.

….when JFK Jr.s plane went down?
In college. Probably drunk… or hungover, or a little of both. Living across the street from the Turkey Hill in Kuztown. I actually had to look up the date. Really fun summer….

…when The Columbine High School massacre happend?
It was the day before my 21st birthday. I was paticipating in school and saw it in the SUB on a TV. The kid falling out of the window. I was thinking WTF…


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