Rough Waters

One thing is very interesting is toughness. You either have it or you don’t. It is one of those attributes you learn very young. Maybe it is natured or nurtured, but either way it is not something you cannot learn past twelve or so…You either are or your not.

Toughness may be learned through an early age.  Maybe its enviromental. If you are tough when you are twenty-six more than likely your be tough when your thirty-six and so on. Consequently if you are not tough when you reach maturity you probably never will be able to gain that attribute. This is a very interesting theory. We are always taught we can change our attributes if we work hard enough. Well toughness might be one of those exceptions. It seems like you either have it or you don’t.  Kinda like with-it-ness.

Anyone can sail though the still sound on a calm day. But there are those blowhards who just cannot get going, when the storms gails start to blow cold and hard. I hope I am not in that category. There are those who excel, who understand the gravity of the situation and have great vision and fortitude and succeed. The she the big picture. They are like sailors cutting through a bay while others are like buoys getting thrown around at their own expense. There seems to be no middle ground.  I hope I can weather the unseen storms that surround me.



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