Whose emotional rescue?


Immediate  emotions are quite interesting.  Someone slips and falls one person cringes another person laughs.  A criminal gets caught some cry some are numb.  Some people worry about things some do not worry at all.  Some emotions are rational some are not.    Is it more learned?  Are  we taught them unconsciously or is it learned.  From caregivers?  What one man gathers another spills.  Some people crack under stress while orther people love it.  Why do we react to things so dramatically at times.  Do we forget our place in the time line of the universe.  Should we be all numb?  Why are we not overwhelmed with emotions constantly with the amazing miracles that are interwoven through our truly unique existence…need to sleep.  Why are some people wound so tight while others are so laid back?  Is it all about stimulus interpretation, education and perspective?  Will write more later nap time


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