Wilkes-Barre Zombie Walk?

Toronto Zombie Walk

All around the civilized world are these new wonderfully fun, safe, exciting and novel events are gaining more and more momentum.  Most of them are free and just part of other festivities.  Usually the price of participation is being dressed up and a donation to a local food bank.  I think am still tryin to research who currently has the current largest “Zombie Walk” according to Guiness.  I do not know how long nor any of the officical criteria of a “zombie walk.”

Dead Walking

I think the perfect Wilkes-Barre  “Zombie Walk” could take place from Kirby Park to Public Square.   Imagine seeing a mass of zombies crossing the Market Street Brigdge!  Maybe on the last day of the Farmer’s Market?  Maybe get the local Univesities involved starting their additions to walk among the new north and south  riverside common areas?  Maybe a band in public square?  Your vendors could make money.  Bars can enjoys pub crawls associated with “zombie walks.”  A little good publicity for the city, the new river front and local charities and universities.  Sounds good?  Sounds like something fun and safe and exciting to do?


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3 Responses to Wilkes-Barre Zombie Walk?

  1. robert swartwood says:

    i wanna do a zombie walk in wilkes barre.. i could get alot of people in no time…..

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