Would you want it any other way?



There is a path that we are all put on as children in America.  We believe the trek to be real. Through out most of our lives we do not question certain things; certain ideals are just understood.  It becomes unquestionable to us.  We are taught that all of us “are create equal.”  But what if we are not?  We all might be created equal but we are not equal for very long after that brief moment.  I am not here to pile on the phrase “the world is not fair, get use to it.”  I am here today to knowingly and willingly embrace that  life  is not fair; nor is it meant to be fair.  Ok ok, I will give you that we all are “created” equal.  That is a gimmy for this thought, but we do not live in a vacum.  Politics is politics, money is money and equality is smoke and mirrors after a few minutes into the show…

The world is full of people who do what they what, when they want, how they want.  Probably because they worked HARDER than you, and the guy next to you.  They have not made compromises.  The made the correct choices in life, the right choices in life…  People are upset about Tiger Woods and his money.  What are they upset about, cause he worked harder than you?  Do you want a hand out?  Should he apologize for his accomplishments or capitalism itself?

Are we still complaining life is unfair, that so few have so much?  This is not a piece about structural functionalism, I will leave that to the economic theorists drinking single malt scotch.  We must leave that at the doors of the Ivory Tower. This is about taking advantage of the world not being fair. Not in a narcissistic way, but mastering proficiency.  There is an angle to everything, there are perspectives to things.  The eyes can allow the mind to play tricks on itself.  Well so can the idea of equality and fairness. I am not being a moralist today, I am attempting to be a realist. All I am saying let other people be baffled, letthem be  simply entertained; you take advantage of the smoke & mirrors.

Are you still allowing yourself to be baffled?

Are you still allowing yourself to be baffled?

I am not saying some are more righteous.  I am not here to say who is on the right side. I am not even going to hint what is better and what side is better.  But make not mistake, there are sides in life and they are divided equally.  The idea of sides itself is not fair either. This is the reality, we must master.  You can enjoy the show, you can even point out the man behind the curtain from time to time…All  I know, from all the free advice that I get, is that once you start working harder than the people around you, than the guy next to you, you enjoy the unfair world.  We all have energy, you can use it to complain, or use it to your advantage and work harder and smarter.  Your choice….and I am all about spreading the joy…and that seems fair.


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One Response to Would you want it any other way?

  1. Hitting the proverbial “like” button now. I’m glad I got to be privy to a pre-writing conversation on this topic.

    I totally agree. Don’t get mad at the guy next to you who seems to “have it better”; he probably tried harder than you did. I always tell people, “if you don’t like something about your life, change it!” We all have the power to do so. And to me, that’s completely fair.

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