Bring Me Some Water


So so many great songs; “Hungry Eyes,” “These Eyes” and “Temptation Eyes” to name a few, but what are we really eyeing up?  What are the roots of overpowering, haunting and overwhelming feelings.  History, novels, news stories and midnight confessions have all concluded that; we like what, we like.  As human beings we do what we like doing and very little will stop us eventually from doing just that.  We like what we like, it is that simple.  No matter how many calories, no matter the lessons we see others hurtfully learn.  We like what, what we like.

You know what we really want? We want what we can’t have.  We all have seen this in the greats plays, the greatest scandals and the greatest tragedies.  We see this all the time throughout history as well as the tabloids.  Reason, logic and consequence have no effect.  If you think “we like, what we want” is true” then we really like what what we cannot have; we lust for it. Fruits of desire, spawned from nothing more than restriction. We really want what we can’t have,  it is nothing more complicated than that. 

It has nothing to due with lust, or chemistry or boredom.  We just want it.  Take a child’s toy that he hasn’t played with for days and watch the tantrum.  We want things we just cannot get back, first experiences, mistakes are youth…. That is why you see brilliant and successful men and women cheat on their spouse with some less attractive all the time.  It has nothing to due with lust, or chemistry or boredom.  We just want whatever we can’t have no matter the cost.  We think about, we dream about it.  It becomes a desire.  A desire created from nothing more than the simple idea that we are not have it.  So next time you have your eye on a desire, look for the root of it.  Nothing like being in life’s garden with dangling forbidden fruits all around us.Is there another way to satisfy your sweet tooth without embracing the aftermath.  I think so…

Lustful Eye


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