Don’t judge a book.

 I love Todd Snider’s new album the “The Excitement Plan.”  I will try to get a video up from a song of it soon.  He was the highlight of my trip to Bonnaroo.  I mean so many great artists and bands but he was a pleasant suprise and encompassed what it was all about, at least for me.

Todd Snider

Here is one review I found:

Tribune Correspondent

“America’s Favorite Pastime” has already gathered much attention, especially among sports fans. The song tells the true story of the late Pittsburgh Pirate Dock Ellis, who, back in 1970, thought he had the day off, so he dropped some LSD. When he realized there was a game that day, he went to the ballpark and pitched a no-hitter.

First hearing the tale at “one of those hippie jam festivals,” Snider says he could relate to Ellis, because who, after all, hasn’t had to execute a task they weren’t prepared for? Also, he confesses that he has performed under the influence on occasion.

“I’m pretty tipsy all of the time,” Snider says. “I only performed hallucinating once, and I thought I did pretty good. I’ve heard the tape. We played really good. I can’t remember playing. I just remember the crowd turning into all kinds of things.”

Snider — who played football through his senior year in high school even though “baseball was what I liked, but I didn’t play past seventh grade. I just wasn’t very good” — jokes that Major League Baseball might be going in the wrong direction testing for performance-enhancing drugs such as steroids.

“Babe Ruth used to play drunk,” he says. “I wonder if that is supposed to be dehancing or enhancing. I know that for musicians, it’s the opposite of baseball. If there is a drug that makes you better, you have to take it.”

Snider thinks that Ellis’ story should be told because it is inspirational and, well, funny.

“There are parts of that story that I never could get in,” he says. “I guess that they hit a dribbler right at him and he ducked like it was a line drive. It made the crowd wonder what the hell was going on.”

Snider says that if there are any lessons he wants take from listeners “America’s Favorite Pastime” and the rest of the album, it’s not to take everything at face value.

“I always thought the old phrase, ‘You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover,’ was clever, but my personal take on it is that you can’t judge a book, period. Even if you read every word, looked at the cover, even if you wrote it. I just don’t think that you can judge a book, in a very literal sense.”


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