Don’t Be That Guy…You’ll Pay For It

Ever have that friend,  that co-worker,  that relative,  that special someone who just was always a  mooch?

I knew this guy who at restaurants always grubbed off of other peoples’ plates, always wanted a free sample and never left a twenty percent tip.  People were embaressed to be seated with him.  People hated to wait on him, I wonder if he ever knew how the wait staff felt?  You can’t blame him he never worked in the industry…can you?

I knew this guy, who road his girlfriend for the proverbial “free ride.” She would buy him dinners, groceries, and even his bar tabs.  What a jerk.  She loved him, but did he know how everyone else viewed him?  He always wanted something, and she was nice enough to get it for him.  From cigarettes, to booze to clothes, he took her for so much.  And all she got in return, was the image of a boyfriend who loved getting a “free ride.”  I mean she was willing to, she loved him, you cannot blame him can you?

Speaking of free rides, I knew this guy who loved to party.  He just had one too many DUI’s.  Which means he couldn’t drive, nor knew the idea of when he shouldn’t drive.  He love going out though.  He would call friends of convience up.  The convience is that they made him feel good.  They made him feel good by driving him around during a night on the town where he did not have to worry about his sobriety or any driving citations.  However, he never offered it in return.  You cannot blame him, he was a drunk, can you?

Where is this all going?  Especially from a guy who was a moochier.  I mooched off of all my friends for their tools and their mechanical & electrical know how.  I mooched of my girlfriends over the years for a place to call home.  I mooched off my parents to to have a place I can always stop in.  I mooched off of so many, just to keep on getting by…Well, I guess I am just as bad as the three senerios I just described.  However, I do not want to be a moocher.  I do not want to be known as a moocher.

I mean friendships, relationships, and family are all a series of give and takes.  I just need to make sure I am not a swindler.  I am not takening something for nothing.  That the art of barter is some what fair while involving those I care about. It does not matter how you were raised.  Whether you were handed everything or you paid out for everything and then some; cause I have found out there  nothing is free about a free ride.  Others pay to, and if that is not good enough; you pay with your reputation, and that is if you get off cheap.

Cab singing "Minnie The Moocher"

Ol’ Cab Calloway, apocryphally born in the back of a taxi on Christmas Day, the heppest cat in any town he found himself in. He didn’t just give us Minnie the Moocher, but also a lingustic treasure trove, one which we regularly plunder to this day. Compiling the latest slang from the jazz scene first in 1938 and then again in a revised edition in 1944, The Hepster’s Dictionary: Language of Jive is a fascinating piece of work, split between phrases that have passed into common usage and strange quirks of vocabulary that didn’t quite make it through to the post-war period.


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