How would we acted if the cages were removed?

I have been given a lot of free pieces of advice over the years. Usually I will meet men or women who are successful what the secret to success? I do not ask just people who are financially successful, but they also need to genuinely happy. The have to have money, capital, love, a great attitude and marvelous adventures. Usually I get simple answers; from “roll with the punches” to “just keep working for what you want.” They all are great pieces of advice. It is simple, practical and easy to remember. It comes down to a simple rule; for self, for others and the masses. All the best pieces of advice boil down to this idea:

Never try to rationalize inappropriate behavior.

With that in mind I see adults act like children, and men act like fools. I see people who go to concerts and throw reckless abandonment into all of their hard earned work. All for what? A hangover, a line of traffic and realization that you are not who you thought you were? Maybe it is escapism. Is escapism rational if it is unhealthy? I have seen people exercise months on end just to give up and live an unhealthy lifestyle. Why? Does it feel better to be less healthy? Is it lack of fortitude? I see people turn their nose up at government spending, and then frown at privatization. It doesn’t make sense. What has cynicism created in the past? Some behaviors not only do not make sense, they are destructive contradictions.


We live in a society where we have a zoo mentality. We can poke and prod people but as soon they lash out, we are in shocked. A man yelled at a professional athlete saying “Hey give me your autograph, and I will give you some steroids. The upset and deranged athlete attempted to assault the fan. The fan was shocked? Really, come on? Are you that shocked? Are we that shocked with the outburst; when we poke and prod animals until they lash out? Who is reward and condemned in that scenario? I am not saying the athlete was right but people think they are too secure for their own good.

No one is fearful of poking or prodding people anymore. The media, social clicks, friends and even family are no longer fearful of their irrational behavior of teasing a fellow man. Is it rational to act inappropriately? What is the harm? Where de we learn this illusion of safety? Everyone has “their rights,” and “got to get theirs.” You can’t touch me, you can’t hurt me and of course “I’ll sue.” You can blame it on enabling parents, you can blame it on the welfare state, maybe even blame lawyers. You can even blame yourself, if you’re rational. If we all can just remember the next time you are at the “zoo.” Don’t disrespect and disgrace the other animals. And don’t be shocked when lash out. It was probably your fault. My piece of advice “Be kind to all of your fellow caged humans”


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