Ambivalence is a earned.

Ambivalence has never been rewarded. It has been seen as languid and cowardly. However I think too often we look at it with frustration instead of understanding. Being able to distinguish the difference between what we like and what we dislike is earned at the individual level.We must not compromise our changing and complex views for those who want a stale and simple world. There is no need to keep things simple for others.

For example, I like steak; I really do. Give me an in-bone ribeye from Tavern on the Green and I am in heaven. That does not mean I am suppose to like all steak. I do not like three dollar steak. And you know what i do not feel bad about it. I do not feel I am being picky or particular. I like to watch sports. However, I do not like watching bad sports I will never watch the WNBA or CFL

People have a right to change their mind as well. When new information arises. You are allowed to change your opinion. never apologize for changing your feelings or thoughts when new information is presented. It is a strength not a weakness. A lot of people thought Michael VIck was an amazing athlete, new imformation arose and we changed our opinion of him.  We were not fooled, we were not blinded, we were informed.  We must being willing to accept others ability to change as much as we need to embrace our own changing thoughts.

We are live in a society that reinforces stereo types. We like things simple. We reinforce our simple labels. However, the absence of truth never validates those assumed facts. It not a privilege of humanity to be ambivalent, it is earned. A doctor does not receive a privilege of working in a hospital; he has earned it. He is not privileged. He study, he gave up convenience and a simple life for the ability to govern his own professional employment. He worked hard and has the right to negotiate with an employer where to practice his profession. Any professional should not simply lay up to the idea that it is a “privilege to work the the company.” As soon as people start allowing their leverage to slip,to let themselves starting to believed that their accomplishments are privileges, then we lose the strength in ourselves. That is the problems with some unions; they take away the those; who are better than average, and remove their right to improve their salary. When the individual lose the right to negotiate, then the individual rights are lost. When the masses negotiate,the individual suffers.  They protect the weak and incompetent and hinder the gifted and driven.  Everything is dumbed down.

So the next time someone speaks about their privilages; asked them what have they really earned as an individual? And the next time they ask you about your ambivilence, let them know that you have earned the right to change your mind when new imformation has been presented.



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