Verbal Graffiti

I used to be so angry at rumors and gossip. It would make my blood boil, like when you accidentally burn yourself on an ill placed oven rack. I would hear something about me that wasn’t true. I would brood a fiery lustful desire to reek havoc to those who done me wrong. Who broke the simple code of minding one’s own business.

After some meditation what are rumors and gossip? It is for the weak, for those who fail and those who cannot master their own will. It is nothing more than one of the weaker points of the human condition. People just “entertaining” theories and gibberish; having fun at others’ expense. People entertaining themselves like a children with logos or dolls. They are not confirmed facts, they mean nothing. It is nothing. To some it’s juicy, but in reality it’s a waste of time. It’s for the ridiculous. It nothing more than the absurd, possible funny though, result of idle human condition.

The words, the ideas are all irrelevant and those who based their actions on such nonsense are irrelevant too. To each their own. We all like our own absurd desires that are irrational and illogical. But the next time I hear gossip or a rumor I will TRY not boil over like I just pinched my finger in a closing drawer. I will acknowledge and simply move on. Try completing my own goals.

Realize it’s nothing but unconfirmed banter, no more meaningful or important than graffiti. Sure graffiti can be a cool art form to some, and let those who enjoy that art, appreciate it. My favorite graffiti tag “Onions have rights too!” second, “I hate graffiti.” Now I am thinking do onions have rights?


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