Don’t Out Think the Room

If someone was asked prior to going on vacation would they want problems on the plane on the way to their destination or on their way home, most people would say “get it out of the way.” We rather get things done, over and done with and out of the way. We live where if there is good news and bad news we want the bad news first. We want to deal with today, today.

The idea of getting the bad news out of the way has been the standing order of times. It allows us to plan, to see what we are working with and to finish the job. It allows us to work with as much knowledge of possible to complete are tasks.

We are a very forgiving culture. We re-elect crack smoking mayors, forgive politicians who commit adultery and have sympathy for drug binging millionaires. Celebrities can take parts in acts of lunacy and they are forgiven by the public as long as they are honest.   We have learned to lust for the confession. It does not matter what you do in this culture, as long as you don’t look us in the eye and lie about it, we are fine. We accept apologies and mistakes. Like parents to children, we understand people make bad choices. We forgive and forget, acknowledge and move on.   It is not what you did, its how deal with it afterwards.  We judge character, not by the mistake but by the resolve. We are too busy to dwell on yesterday, we must conquer the relentless present.

As long as you don’t look us in the eye and lie. Whether it be a professional athlete using performance enhancing drugs or a corrupt official, you try to run, we will hunt you down and bury you for your lies. All we want to do  is to know truth.  You fess up, you put it out there, no worries, mistakes happen and we move on, like a crowd at a carnival.  If you avoid it, we will bring it up, you try to bury it we will dig it up, we will find it, we will pursue it.   Torches will be lit, war drums will sound.  Nothing is more unforgivable then looking us in the eye and lie right to our faces. Nothing is now morally taboo in our culture than the lie to the eye.  It is the only thing we have left to keep order in a culture in constant flux. You can go on a drug binge, have a sex tape and have a moment lunacy; all of that will be forgiven. As long as you don’t sandbag anyone.

There is nothing worse than someone who tries to “out think the room.” No one is that smart. No one is smarter, more clever than the room as a collective.  You will get caught, it will come out. You have people who suffer paralysis through analysis. They think they need to scheme and make moves.  You are not smarter or have more fortitude  than the room itself.

We live in a culture where we are learning that you cannot get happier than happy. That all we ask for is the jobs to be done. to finish what we are assign; to finish what you have started. If you get it out there when you make a mistake it is always easier in the long run. There is not bottom that can fall out. Take the hit; roll with the initial punches and ride it out.

We learn what we live, and many live vicariously through technological avenues. Our learned behaviors are beginning to mimic the news media. Our attention is limited, are focus moves on and we need to deal with today. We skim, we shuffle and browse. We also are learning to demonize those of us who break the only real moral code left.  Don’t look us in the eye and lie.


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2 Responses to Don’t Out Think the Room

  1. You make a good point about those who try to “out think the room”- it will never happen. Then they lie to themselves in order to believe it worked.

    And there is nothing more I detest than a liar. Especially one who looks me in the eye while doing it. Another good point.

    All in all, I give this op ed piece two thumbs up.

  2. Leo says:

    Thanks, it means a lot

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