Back on the Lehigh

Bottom of Staircase

Bottom of Staircase

I was  excited, advanced training.   What the hell did that mean?  I am sure that it meant swimming a lot.  Well the buzz in the air from the night before was still around.  From blowing up a raft to double checking my gear.  I was shaky.  How do these raft plugs work again?  Then I try to get in my boat and every time, I start sliding into the water.  An unwarranted seal launch. Dammit.  I cannot even get my skirt on.  Ugggh. I finally get out into the eddy and crap, I am all out of sorts. I feel like a cucumber, in a tumbling pickle jar.  I am not even going to get over that eddy line without trouble.  Well I kinda cheated when I peeled out and took the first rapid, call Significant with hesitant ease.  With each rapid I built confidence.  I slowly was getting back into the groove.  I was not thinking about reports at work, curmudgeons, or school.  Waves were no longer fearful hands trying to rip my upside down but a playground once more.  I learned during the day, that aggression on the river is one of your best tools.

I only swam twice, and that was when I was trying to get out of my boat and into a raft.  But my kind trainer assured me, that “hey swimming is part of the sport.”

There was a nice wave at second chance, That I really enjoyed.

We worked on a little “Gorge extraction” exercise and basically getting our sea legs back.  Nothing like 43 degree water and wind.  There was hot jello and broth.  Lots of little lessons too. Learned a internal Z-drag.  Tested out a lesson I learned on the Tohickon, it worked! 

Saw a one of the first trips of the year go by andI saw the training trips.  I was like.  Wow, I wish I was doing that for the first time, again!”  Then the wind snapped, the water sprayed and I rethought that.


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