The Last Rapid of the Day

The last rapid of the day was quite the advenutre of events. Hat’s Rapid or known as Ricki’s Rapid. 

The first run of the creek earlier in the  day,  I ran the rapid to the right.  It is one of the preferred, easier runs of the rapid, according to many paddlers.  I tied to managed my way through it while at the bottom of it many of the men I was paddling with were watching me.  Great an audiance.  Paddle, paddle paddle, juat get though it.  I alread swam twice on another rapid.   Though I was shakey and lacking grace  I ran the rapid with success.  Fun.  Sweet.  Got acouple compliments. 

Then for my second run of the day on Tohickon Creek.  Ran it pretty well.  No swims.   Time for the last rapid again.  It is one of the more technical Class III rapids on the creek.  We pulled over to scout out more technical lines.  A little bit more of a challenge for me.  Start in the middle and bump and bleed to the right.  I hit the first shoot perfect. Feeling good, nimble.  Punch and paddle.  Bleed and bump.  I tired to punch through some waves and my kayak ended up surfing a wave side waves on one of the last waves. I missed my brace, and ended up upside down, quicker than hit would take some who tripped and hit the ground.  My paddle by a proficient was found and I self-rescued, lessoned learned.  Make shre to palways have a blade in the water.  Brace, Brace Brace!

I also learned some other great skills from Dave, who went out of his way to show me how to run the creek.

Some older pics from a paddler’s informative site about the creek.    This is the rapid i was  talking about… 


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