He helped me…

So I went to this house on my investigative roll.  On my way in the low income housing project I see a friendly cat looking for attention.  Looking for warmth and comfort.  I was too pre-occupied with my assignment to worry about it at the time…

I walk out an hour later, with the issue resolved.  I see the cat hurt. Maimed.  Left for dead…paws bleeding, weak, disheveled.   My heart is breaking.  I ask if any one knows of the cat.  They answered. “Some stray” and other neighbors said “we called the SPCA.”  I said to myself.  I said to myself so many things; not on my watch, hang in there little buddy and it will be ok.  My eyes welled up.  I turned away, went to the Jeep.  Got a hoodie.  Went back and swept him up not with the hoodie but with my hands.  The hoodie was too big and too rigid.  He was to weak and tender.  I cradle him and put him in the back of my jeep in my dirty laundry basket.  Poor bastard.


I got in the car like an ambulance driver.  I knew the SPCA was 20 miles away  but I drove with haste.  Glaring in the back of my rear view every five seconds.  A couple minutes  ran buy.  I left the Nanticoke limits and hit 29, then 81.  I looked in the review and I see this young feeble cat trying to perch himself on my second row seat.  But, his two paws hurt too much so he ached and shuddered with each move.  He hobbled down.  Like a fatally wounded soldier.  Ok, here is the exit,  a couple more lights we are almost there…As he hobbled he whencesd.  I drove faster.  He worked himself from all the way back of the jeep to the side of my lap and tried to warm himself.  I drive with reckless abandonment…


I got to the SPCA.  He is Ok, for now. God he stunk. I open the door. I cranked down the windows.   Rolled them back up to a crack.   I went inside.  They came out. The ladywas afraid of him.  He might bite.  I showed her how afraid he was…I grabbed him.  So he does not take off.  The lady thought he might of ran away once I opened the door.   I am allergic. He stank.  We got him inside..They call the emergency Vet…


I filled out paper work.  I left.  I wonder…


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