From “The Chronic” to “Hysteria” to “The Wall”

If anyone asks me what my favorite album, it rarely differs. The opposite of my favorite movie. There are albums I will always hold dear. that are forever part of my life or at least a significant chapter. From the Talking Head’s Stop Making Sense LP to Sublime’s 40oz to Appetite For Destruction. I will never forget the Time I heard certain albums…

Albums, I will always cherish them. No more will a teenanger save up money, to go to the mall and hit “The Wall” for a new CD on the weekend. Would it be there just for them, would they have a copy left? Hopefully they could get the explicit version. Hopefully they would not scratch it too much. I do not not know if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but it is something or at least it was…

Well my favorite album is Bob Dylan’s Time Out of Mind. So many close seconds and honorable mentions. Only one weak track, track number two, but that is ok. Just my favorite album for private reasons. I think it won the grammy for album of the year in 1996. Some might say it is depressing but it really isn’t unless you don’t understand it. Some my find self reflection; thinking bout the past, traveling and ones future is depressing but they don’t matter to me.

Probably the most obscure, underplayed track of the album.


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