One Trick Pony

Well I am back from Las Vegas. The city that used to be my “type of town.”  The Strip that was everything I enjoyed in life.  The place that was for people like me, ended up being just another place.   I just feel even more lost than ever.  A town that use to excite me, that was amazing  to me is just another tourist trap. 

I loved my company, the card rooms, the dining,  the lights and the Strip itself. I enjoyed my trip, it was a great time,  no regrets.

 Maybe it was the crowds.  Maybe I just do not like people.  I swear,  the longer I live the less I see the justification for alcohol being legal. 

( That is  if you believe in a big foolish government that think they know best.  A government which would gentlycontrol peoples’ behavior; we all root for that right.  Spoon fed.  Keep those crazies in line.  Medication time.  Some want to have a government that will control us, tell me how to act and what to do and what not to do.  Save me from, whatever…I know it is hard to believe but that are out there.)  I am off track…

I have seen Halloweens, Mardi Gras, even Nascar infields where belligerent behavior went hand in hand with binge drinking. It never really bothered me.  Some of it was quite fun.  Maybe because I was young.  Maybe because I was part of it.  But now I saw grown men, women,citizens, businessmen, fathers etc…out of their minds. Not in a cool way but a sad pathetic, depressing way. 

Maybe it was because all of the wonderfully tasty frozen drinks being served were stronger than those drinking them, but non the less, it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Why does this bother me now? I have read  “Hell’s Angels” by HST  and seen such ludicrous things.  I understand, I see the need.  Most of the time  I can justify the behavior of people letting go, and getting lost in a moment. 

I think its because it is mainstream society.  It would be ok if it was off to the side.  Of the beaten path, but it wasn’t it wascelebrated.

We live in society where we see as enducation as the be all end all.  Where the more educated people are the more productive people.  We justify this irrational thought by pointing out salaries.

Well, look at all the mistakes and cluster fucks we had since World War II.   Harry Truman is the only person in the last fifty years who does not have a “higher education.”  How can anyone tell me the more educated people are more productive members of society.  They have done some of the worst, the worst things ever.  The rap sheet is just way too long for the highly educated.  We see it in the news all the time, smart highly educated people doing unbelievably stupid things.  We see executives get their government tax cuts and then invest them oversees.  Enron, Iraq, Vietnam, waste and the economy are all products of allegedly the most productive members of society!  

I see these drunkards in there golf shirts, drinking their frozen frutiy frothy drink in the novelty neon yard glass.   We are doomed…lol.  Not swaying to the music and enjoying the moment, but burying himself to forget sadness they joined.


PS Have a nice Day


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