Riding the storm out

I have always been fascinated by lightning and thunder. Who hasn’t right? 

 How many white trash posters are there of storms, that usually has a wolf in it…

Like whitewater, a camera cannot capture it.

I love a good storm. Absolutely Love it! Something exotic about; even erotic.  I love listening to the rain, open the windows, to camp in it.  Its magical to me.  I like it so much I enjoy songs about the rain, or the rain in movies scenes.  Again I know  who doesn’t?  I cannot think of one person who dislikes the intro to the “Riders on the Storm” by the Doors  or “Like the Rain” by Clint Black.  Too many songs to discuss…

Nothing like getting trapped in it. There is nothing like that extreme powerful lightning and thunder.  Absolutely nothing like that lightning  that lights up the darkness and makes you realize your own mortality.  Then its amplified by that earthquaking thunder that rumble through your bones.  Deliverance. You either feel it or you don’t.

Science class told me all that lightning really was cold air and hot air passing against each other.  What a buzzkill, at least be a romantic and say that they are rubbing up aginst each other…That is it? really?

I see these fronts daily,  not in the rustling of the leaves or a plastic bag artfully dancing in the breeze but I see them in people, individuals and their interactions with each other. 

Me and my dam cliches. 

Gaels of the cold  are not always as strong as the north Atlantic winds.  They can slowly creep and whisper around the walks.  The addicted, the depressed, the loathing, the mad, those poor washed out souls that the troubadours speak of passionately.  I see how they misplaced themselves, that this world is not for them and that everything is just painfully hopeless.  Broken hearted.  I see how they give up, give in and get lost.    The bitter cold fronts they become, is chilling, discomforting, and disheartening.  It can take our breath away, pierce our heart and assault our mind.   People who give up on themselves and their dreams.  They at best, become drunks and paper weights. Friggin crack houses.

I feel the warm of southern tropical breezes crawling over my glistening skin at times too!  i see great people doing amazing things.  People freeing themselves from their prisons.  Independence.  I see people being like sponges soaking up knowledge only to be frustrated because lack of time.  I see strangers helping strangers.  True courage.  I see future self-less planning.  I see innovations and modern marvels.  I’ve seen healthy lust.  I’ve seen love triumph.  I have seen recycling.  I have seen youth teach the elderly.  I heard amazing music, seen beautiful art and tasted things that were heavenly.  What amazement I am dazed by at times.

When these two parts of society come together; storms will follow… 

first draft…


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