No Easy Way Out

In honor of Valentine’s Day I would like to say Romeo & Juliet had it easy…

They did not have to worry about longevity and fortitude of a relationship. They did not have to worry about infidelity, mortgages and jealousy.

It is beautifully tragic cause they did not have the opportunity to fail.

I tends well.  They have no guess work.  Nothing driving them crazy.  Nothing driving them mad.  No depression, no acting out, nothing.

 Was it right? Was it wrong?  Should i stay or should I go?  Should I lay it out all on the line?  What did I mess up? Is it meant to be? What could of I done differently?..None of that.

Its not like they have to deal with each other, afterwards. They do not have worry about divorce attorneys, visitations, alimony, and in-laws.  They do not have to worry about the absence of love or the fact that it really was love at all..  Maybe it was everything it should be and they made nothing out of it…

It not like they are stuck in the same town, the same world, wondering what if  it only worked out.  What if it was meant to be, what if we could of made it work.  There is no doubt, no trumoil, and no uncertain future.  There is no grand leap of faith, no commitment and no uncertainty of the future.  N0 axiety or misery those lucky bastards.


They do not  have to worry about if they are doing the right thing, the wrong thing.  They are no one’s fool nor are they a fool to themselves.

No nights at the jukebox alone, no one is running of with your friend. Short and sweet


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