It echoed across the world.

I was little down this morning, maybe it was the smell of freshly cauterized skin or the smell of fresh stitches, maybe it was the weather…

I tried stopping in at an intersection when I notice my breaks were just fine, but my car kept moving. I did not slide father than the a few feet that had no significance. But my attention was now full., and it turned to the radio program.

I was listening to a radio program. The voice was describing the globalization of information technology. He described the first global satellite telecast from Britain a couple decades ago. The BBC station was called “Our World.” They wanted something special just like many of the songs that played on the dawn of great triumphs. I think the song picked out as the alarm clock song was “We only just Begun” for the the astronauts. Well, they asked the Beatles if they were up for the task. They delivered, “All You Need is Love” played across the world.

As I listened to the song, as I watched the pedestrians on their way, as the morning was heated by the sun, all I could think was how great the Beatles came through, what a great song for such an occasion.


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