Just a little bit too much…no way too much

I know Tom Robbins nailed the idea down, (or what I got from) in “another roadside attraction” about leaving the Garden of Eden.   It is worth reading and I do not feel like paraphrasing it.  However, I would like ot add something to it.

Once “man” or humans decided to leave nature, many of us never looked back.  Once we got our thumb down we learned to masturbate, order coffees, smoke cigerettes and read the Times.  We often find ourselves doing amazing things, things that seperate us ever more from the garden we once live in.  However no matter how may triumphs we have, gadget we use, and pieces of art we marvel at we can never hide what we are, nothing more than one of natures creatures.  Most of us realize this in rush hour, and other times we forget in great moments of charity. 

“A crowd is easier to control than an individual. A crowd has a common purpose. The purpose of the individual is always in question. ” – Kafka (1991)

Now I can go on about the inconsistencies of man, but that is why we have music and movies.  We have made so many accomplishments as a society from the agricultural revolution, to the industrial revolution to the technological revolution it is mind altering.  From the open heart sugery, to micro chips, to nuclear power, to Brad Pitt, to rocket flight there is nothing we cannot do as a society.  We can feed the hungry, cloth the cold and quench thirst.  With enough hard work we can shelter almost any storm.  Society is a modern marvel. 

But the man, the man who walked out of nature is relatively young.  Too often, we forget that we are truly a beast.  Nothing more than a product of a long line darwinistic selection.  We are nothing more and nothing less than that.  A needful beast with lustful craving that psycologists medicate, advertisers manipulate and judges punish.

We may have choosen to leave the garden but like a prodical son, we cannot run from what we are in the end.  So be weary, be in awe, be humble in the presense of so many uncaged creatures for they are wild and though society has thrown a great mascareade, remember pay attention to those behind the curtains.


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2 Responses to Just a little bit too much…no way too much

  1. I like this. I like this a lot, in fact. You are very right in what you say.
    But I question if there is any significance to you making note of this TODAY, of all days…

    • Leo says:

      I wrote this Sunday night when I could not sleep, just a random thought, nothing to do with growing cold waters, nor the price of being part of a civilized society like we heard artfully spoken today. I really liked that poem.

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