Karma Through A Soda Machine

There is a soda machine that is near me that is possessed.  I often use it, with great success.  It looks quite simple to the eye, a standard work soda machine that has a giant Pepsi Symbol on it, but also offers the pleasure of some tasty coke products.  I take a stroll down a grey bleak hallway towards the end of a work day to to break up the last two hours, and enjoy the pleasure of a soft drink.  I often turn the corner and find her there, proudly displaying her trophies.  The trophies are notes taped to various parts of the machine that are at eye level.  These various pieces of paper are peoples notes to the soda vender.   All demand money back for a failed transactions.  I always thought of the machine as a karma rating system, I after all never had a problem, never had a failed transaction.  I was never robbed.  Never short changed.  I slowly molded the idea, into a fixed theory.   Those who are on the machine stay away from, for they are not one with the world.  Whenever I had a bad day, I would simply travel on down to get reassured that I was fine, I was alright, I was at peace, a good soul.  Well, the other day, I put my two dollars in, I got my diet Coke, with the standard second or two delay but I only got two quarters back.  The other one must have bounced out, rolled underneath something.  I keep telling myself that.  Either way I feel that it was a shot across the bow.   Either way, I will be looking both way when I cross a one way street for awhile…whatever that means.


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