Before the Dawn

This morning in the darkness I was looping my belt through my pants, and the jingle jangle of my buckle took me to my childhood, like Christmas morning would take others.

There is no mistake the sound of a belt being loop through a pair of pants in the morning.  For me it reminds me of my kind father.  I often would hear it in the darkness in a morning that has yet to see the break of dawn, laying there in a warm bed trying to figure out yet if it was still night or it was the next day.  It would accompany other sounds, that of a tea kettle whistling, a razor clanking and a shine box being snapped closed.  Those sounds, as I look back were, so comforting.  It brought the idea of relentless security, eternal fortitude and an uncanny positivism.  I now marvel at his perseverance, the ability to stay strong, and true, and provide and take it on the chin.  All the while staying flexible, adaptable, while keeping his dignity, to show others that it is to be kept, that class never has to be bartered.  Every morning, with every jingle gangle there was a greater good, a greater purpose that he never really defined or yet even imagined by the man he was years before.  His simple life, the constant struggle to keep on top of things, to always be smiling, I now see it was not so simple. I now see the constant struggles one has that was so artfully hidden from his children. 

As I looped my own belt today, I thought of that rambling thought, and how grateful I am to remember it. Inspired.  Amazed on how he did it.  So… one more loop, one more buckle and one more day.  Lets see what is in store. 


“In the gingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you.” – Dylan (Mr. Tambourine Man, Bring it All Back Home, 1965)


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